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2020 vision (and a mission)

2020 vision?

2020 vision? No I am not talking about my eyesight. I am talking about the year of course. It is nearly 2020 and I am on a mission. Let me explain.


Each year I choose a charity to support and 2020 will be no different. I support charities that I have had personal experience of whether they affect family or friends. With that in mind over the years I have supported (and still do) British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK.

The charity that I have chosen for 2020 is Cancer Research UK.

Over the last year my cousin has died from cancer and I have a nephew and an uncle both fighting this horrible disease.

Cancer Research UK receives no government funding (which I find unacceptable) and so all of the work that they carry out is funded by donations. This work is vital and pioneering looking into the causes prevention and treatment for a wide range of cancer.

You can help!

Yes you, everyone, anyone can help to raise funds for this cause. Whether you can donate some time or even send some of your unwanted items to a Cancer Research UK charity shop. Maybe you could sign up for a Race for Life event (more about this in future posts)

If you can’t do any of these things then I have a huge favour to ask. I have included the link for the Cancer Research UK online shop below. What a perfect time to take a look with Christmas being so close.If you make a purchase through this I will receive a commission. Any commission raised will be given directly to the charity. I will continue with this from now until the end of 2020.

My mission is to make as much money for this charity as is possible.

So it’s over to you guys. Please help me xx

Gifts from Cancer Research UK

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please do feel free to share on social media. xx

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