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3 great gift ideas

Only 3 great gift ideas? Well I could go on forever but I thought I’d stick to 3 as 3 is the magic number!

Gift 1

Starting with the men in your life whether it’s your partner, dad, uncle etc. I know this is the one that I struggle to find. So I have searched the inter web to find some presents. I hope you like what I have found (drop a comment if you do it would be much appreciated)

Now I have to add that this would be the perfect stocking filler for both men and women so I am not being biased here. To justify why I put it in the men’s section is that I searched for men’s gifts and this came up!

I will be ordering one today as it looks fab and I know just the person to buy it for. Click on the link to take you there!

Gift 2

A bit controversial here as I know not everyone has a dog (or any pets) but I do and I know a lot of people that also have them. And before you ask yes my pets do get Christmas presents 😂 The next link takes you straight to the website and there are loads of great ideas for presents for your four legged friends. Have a browse.

Gift 3

Gift number 3 is ideal for anyone! How many times have you sent a message that you didn’t mean to send? Or that autocorrpt opps I mean auto correct has changed on your behalf? You are not alone as this book will show you.


I just couldn’t let you go without asking a huge favour now could I!

Would you mind popping over to Facebook and requesting to join the group Second Nature Beauty. Here is the link

Thank you in advance xx

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