Are you worried?

With so much to be worried about at the moment I just wanted to check in with you all and check how you are. Are you feeling the pressure to return to “normal?”

I am worried and I make no apologies for feeling this way. We have all spent a considerable amount of time at home and staying safe.

Now it seems that we are able to go back to “normal” almost. The trains and underground are packed again, the buses are busy. The roads are certainly getting busier. I am worried as we seem to be rushing back to get the economy going but at what cost?

Schools are opening (not that they ever closed) to more pupils. There is no way with the best intentions can we expect children to stay 2m apart! I know as I am a teacher and children naturally gravitate towards each other. It is a normal human reaction.

Now I know that worrying about all of these things will not solve the situation we find ourselves in. But I have a question. Is the economy more important than human lives?

I am not posting this to be inflammatory nor am I pointing the finger at anyone. It is not a political post either. I don’t know if any political party would have been able to deal with this any better. I am purely posting as a worried mum and human being.

I’ll ask again!

So I’ll ask again – Are you worried?

If so what are you most worried about?

Will you be rushing back to “normal” life?

I know that worrying won’t help the situation. Worrying takes away peace of mind. One of my favourite quotes is this one.

Quotes about worrying

I would love to hear from you.

Perhaps you have some tips to help us.

Please take care, stay safe and if you don’t have to go back to work then stay home.

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One Comment

  • Sarah

    I myself have found that there is no point dwelling over what we cannot control but instead focusing on what we can control. While the economy can be concerning along with the virus, I have used this time to focus on eating better, cooking healthy meals, feeding my body with good food, getting in some movement everyday, using this time to slow down and really evaluate my life and meditating really helps in times of anxiety. Focusing on body, mind and soul not only helps with anxiety but also helps support a stronger immune system.

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