August Vibes

August – already? I know I say this a lot but I think that this year is absolutely flying by.

So with a new month comes new plans. I have been working on myself lately and its a work in progress – too much food consumed in the early days of lockdown – I’m sure I’m not the only one am I?

Recently I have been undertaking some training recently and am finally beginning to understand how Facebook works.

So with this new found knowledge I am sending you all an invite to join me. I would love to make some new connections and am always happy to chat to new people.

My personal profile is It would be great to add you as a friend over there as well as on here.

New Direction

If you are a follower of my Sparkling Gifts page on Facebook or follow SJS Crystals on Instagram you will know that I have a new crystal supplier.

This was a decision that was forced upon me (and a lot of other influencers) but to be honest it is the best thing that has happened.

I am now with a lovely company that not only supplies the most gorgeous crystals and jewellery but also is so supportive. Just what is needed in this day and age.

If you would like to see any of the crystals that are now available or if you would like some help in choosing a crystal please reach out to me and I will do my best to help.

I am going to be publishing a post soon about crystals so keep an eye out for this as well.

As well as this I am going to start my reviews up again. I have been really lucky recently and have been able to test some new and exciting products. I have found them by doing surveys so surveys do pay. If you don’t know much about surveys take a look here

I look forward to reading any comments and as always please feel free to share this site with you friends.

Stay safe, stay strong.

S x

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