Back to School 2020 Style (parent and school staff edition)

Back to school 2020

2020 has certainly been the year that we would most like to forget I’m sure. It’s been difficult to say the least. However it’s now September and that can only mean one thing – back to school.

6 months of no school runs has been amazing, I’m not going to lie. I have enjoyed having my children at home. But the time has come to send them back. Was I apprehensive? Yes. Even though I had been in to teach during lockdown I was concerned that the bubbles would not work. I’m still not entirely convinced to be truthful.

However I am full of admiration for all of the school staff that have been working tirelessly throughout the lockdown and summer holidays to make schools as safe as they can be in the current situation.

The drop off and collection points have been changed, the drop off and collection times have been changed. So many changes have occurred that I find it difficult to work out who is finishing when and what time! But we are getting there. We know that the children need us there at the moment and we are doing a great job.

As most of you know I am a supply teacher and although I am missing being in school at the moment I am not at all envious of all the work that is taking place in schools to ensure that the children and teenagers are as safe as they can be.

First week

I have spoken to some of my school staff friends and they are tired already, just one week in. So imagine how our children are coping. 6 months of no school does not come without issues. For one thing many children may not have had any type of behaviour management during this time. Some may not have been able to access the school work that was set for them. They are and will continue to find things difficult for a while longer yet I fear. I am all for setting up routines to help my own children settle back into school. They have risen to the challenges that they face and although they may have blips along the way they are doing great at the moment.

Looking forward

I have faith in my colleagues to ensure that all will be well. They are doing a great job with ever changing advice. So next time you are stood waiting to collect your little ones (or even not so little ones) and you feel the need to gossip about certain members of staff try to imagine for a while just what they are having to deal with every single day. And maybe just cut them some slack.

I’m not just saying this as a teacher but as a human being. We all have issues and we all face uncertain times but teachers are doing the best job they can and are helping your children to settle back into a system that is not perfect but the best that we have for now. These teachers and other school staff will be going home at night and thinking of more creative ways to engage the children in their class. Reinventing the wheel day after day, They will be worrying as much as you are.

Just remember we are in this together. Parents, teachers, school staff and children all trying their level best.

Back to school 2020. How has it been for you?

For further advice on managing your children’s metal health click here

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