April 21

Latest Vlog Post

Latest Vlog Post – well the second one really as I have only done 1 before! Hope that you will enjoy it.

I have been trying to find some new ways of making some extra money and my research is going to take a little while longer but I will get this out to you as soon as I am able to.

So in the meantime I have a question for you.

What should I do the next vlog post about?

Obviously the main theme of this blog is money, family and the animals so it must be related to one of these things. You can ask me a question or suggest an idea and I promise I will do my best to vlog or blog about it!

Drop me a comment and let me know what you would like to see.

On another note

On a slightly different note who has noticed the amazing amount of wildlife/insects etc that is coming back to our world. I have noticed a lot more bees in the garden and today I was delighted to see 3 deer whilst on my daily exercise, say they were too fast for me to video but it was lovely to see them. And there were so many more butterflies.

Made me realise that although we as human beings are struggling with the current situation the natural world is in fact blossoming. We need to take note.

Anyway I am off now as I need to feed the family, it seems like the meal times run into each other these days!

Take care, stay safe and please do drop me a comment.

Speak to you all very soon

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