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New Hobby!

New hobby alert!

My new hobby means that I have started to grow my own fruit and vegetables. My reasoning behind this is manyfold but one reason is knowledge. The knowledge that I will know exactly what went into the growing process. With so many chemicals that our fruit and vegetables are subject to these days I worry. Not only do I worry about my family’s health but I also worry about the impact this could be having on the environment. Then of course the is the transportation issue, reducing our carbon footprint is important and we all need to do what we can to help the world.

I have added gardening page to this blog so that I can share my progress with you. If you would also like to follow my progress then please do feel free to sign up to the newsletter as I will be sending out an update about once a month.

Now I am not proclaiming to be a expert in fact this quote pretty much sums up me!

I know I will have some failures along the way but that’s the most exciting part. Knowing that I can fail yet still succeed.

However I would like to share one little success with you now if I may. We eat a lot of avocados in our house. One day I decided to have a go at growing an avocado tree. So I turned to the font of all knowledge know as google. It seemed that my chances of success were slim. Now those of you who know me will know I am a little but stubborn, which in turn means I will take on a challenge. So I followed the advice. After what seemed like forever a root finally appeared. This is just the start of the process but I was delighted.

Now I’ll not bore you with the long details but suffice to say I now have grown 3 very healthy avocado trees. They won’t “fruit” for about 10 years if ever but that wasn’t why I grew them. It was a challenge!

Anyway I’d better be off as I have planting to do and the seeds don’t grow if they are left in the packet.

I’ll update you all on anymore progress as soon as I can!

Do check out the new gardening page as I’ll be adding lots to this.

Stay safe

S xx

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