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News, News, News!

News. We all love to hear new news! So I thought I would update you with some right now!

First and foremost many thanks to all my new subscribers. If you haven’t yet signed up for the newsletter then now is the time. It will be the first place to find out about new content and deals. I would hate for you to miss out on any offers I may have for you.

Secondly I am looking at hosting a giveaway on here but would love some suggestions about what you would like in a giveaway. Before you go mad and suggest things like an iPad – I know some sites do this – I do not have unlimited funds. In fact quite the opposite! So I am thinking of something small that you would like to to receive as a prize for enlisting new members to the site. So get messaging and look out for further announcements (which of course will come via the newsletter so do remember to sign up!)

Thirdly I am looking for guest bloggers. So if you or someone you know would like to add a post on this blog then please do get in contact. I am open to any subject related to lifestyle, family or pets. I look forward to hearing from you. Either contact me via the comment form or send me a message on my Facebook page

Last of all in this section I have a fab little freebie for you. If you are looking for a Relaxation download then look no further. Click on the link to get this download for free but be quick as the link is only valid for the next 5 days! The discount will be applied at the checkout stage! Enjoy xx

In other news!

I have now got many plants planted in the potting shed. See the post about this here – This is extremely exciting for me and I visit them daily just to have a look and a little chat – well if Prince Charles talks to his plants why can’t I!! I am looking forward to the spring when many of the plants will be sprouting. Do you grow your own fruit or veg? If so tell me about it.

I also am planning on getting some more chickens in the spring as we are down to 2 and I miss having my girls about. Mr Cash Mum thinks I’m turning into a character from “The Good Life” (yes I am that old)! I hope he means Felicity Kendal 😂 I would love to have that sort of lifestyle. It is definitely something to aim for anyway!

Speak soon

S x

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