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Spring has Sprung – some happiness to share

Spring has sprung – yes indeed today is the official start of Spring and the weather here is just perfect. I love this season with the blossom and the flowers. It’s also my birthday soon so that’s even more reason to love the season.

The last few weeks have indeed been very testing, Coronavirus has swept across the world at a staggering rate. We are isolated from our friends and family. Even though we cannot go and visit people the use of technology is becoming more and more appreciated by many. For that I am sure we are very thankful. 

However I do not want to dwell on this aspect of our lives. Not because I don’t think it is serious but because I am sure that most of you are trying to be positive. I know it’s hard to be positive when there is so much to feel negative about but we must stay as strong as we can

So today I have spent some time in my poly tunnel with my precious plants. This is a fairly new hobby for me ( https://cashmum.co.uk/?s=hobby) but one that I feel might be extremely useful in the coming months ahead. 

It was lovely to spend some time amongst the seedlings and plants and seeing that, not matter what, they were germinating and growing well. The fact that this even happens is to me amazing. You take a tiny seed, plant it and hope. From this we get flowers, trees and food to eat. Isn’t that just amazing! So today I would like to share some pictures of my little hobby. I hope you like them and gives you some happiness. 

This is a blackcurrant bush that was being sold for just £1.00 as it was dying.
Look it has leaves!!!
Mixed flower seeds. Looking forward to seeing these bloom!
The spinach is looking good.
Such a wonderful sight after the winter months.

I hope that seeing these has given you a little reason to smile today. I will be bringing you more updates as these seeds start to flourish.

Please stay safe. Look after yourself and others.

Until next time

S xx

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