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Spring has sprung! But it still feels like winter. The rain is falling as I type but there is some sunshine around today in between the showers.

I have to say this is my favourite season. Not least because my birthday is in Spring. But also I love to see the flowers awakening and poking through the earth and the blossom on the trees. It also means we can get outside more. Something that we, as a family, love to do.

Mr Cash Mum has been out taking some photos. One of his hobbies that he has recently revisited. I love the fact that this hobby means that we get to go to some great locations and see parts of the country that we have never seen before. Of course for landscape photography the best times are sunrise and sunset. Getting up early is one of his strengths, but not mine! So I usually only accompany him on the sunset shoots. He is also looking to do some more portrait photography so please keep an eye out for this in future.

Will Sparkes Photography
One of Will’s photos

If you would like to see some of his work then please visit his facebook page at

He also will have a blog running alongside this so once it’s up and running I will send you all the link.

Did I mention my birthday?

This month I celebrate my big birthday – that’s right I am 21 again! Plus a few more years! To celebrate I am hosting a give-away over on Facebook page.

For your chance to win pop on over. It would be fab if you could like and share the page whilst you are there.

I am also taking part in the Walk all over Cancer event this month and as it is a cause so close to my heart (See previous post at I am asking for donations to be made to Cancer Research UK. Here is the link

Any amount that you can give would be very much appreciated, not just by me but for all the people who are currently battling this horrible disease. Let’s make cancer a thing of the past.

Speak to you all soon.

S x

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