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    Hot hot hot! August 2020 Summer New Hobbies

    Hot? Well I think August has decided to fry most of us! It is currently boiling here and it’s early morning so goodness knows how hot it will be by midday. Are you a lover of the heat? I have to say I’m not. I like it warm but hot weather just tires me. But I promise you I am not complaining. However I would like a thunderstorm just to clear the air. August So what has August been like for you? Apart from being hot I mean. I have started a new hobby which is running – yes I am that crazy person you’ll see out at stupid o’clock.…

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    Family,  Saving Money

    New Year Wishes

    We are just days away from 2020.  I can’t believe that we will soon be in a brand new decade.  I remember when I was younger 2020 seemed so far away and yet here we are. So what plans/goals do you have for the new year? Mine is to continue to bring you more fab money saving tips and also explore new ways of making money.  This year has been good but let’s make 2020 the year when we all feel a lot more financially stable. So let’s start you off with a tip for the start of the year.  When shopping always look in the reduced section. Usually this…

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