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We are nearly there!

We are nearly where!

Where? And how near?

Where ? Christmas of course. It has been a really busy time here at Cash Mum. As it probably has been in your house too. As for near – scarily near!

So are you ready? Have you sorted all the presents yet? What about the food shop?

I have to say I have the presents but now need to crack on on warp them. But if you are still not quite there then head on over to Amazon where there is still time to get those last minute gifts. Here is the link

Most of my Christmas shopping has been done online this year as it is just so easy. No hustling and bustling around the shops – bliss.

However I have not as yet done the food shop. By that I mean the weekly shop. I am not one of those that goes into a mass panic just because the shops will be shut for a day. I would rather just get what I need on a weekly basis and Christmas is no different. Well maybe there will be a few extra treats in the basket but on the whole its business as usual in our house.

How are you spending your Christmas?

Bit nosey I know but I love hearing about how different people celebrate Christmas. Do you have any traditions? I would love to hear about them. I will share one that we do. We always get hold of a TV guide and then sit and highlight all the things we want to watch over the festive period. Not that we always get to watch everything but then that’s the joy of being able to record and watch at a later date – all except The Snowman! That has to be watched on Christmas Eve.

I will be adding some more posts between now and Christmas (well hopefully, if not I’ll be wrapping!!!)

Stay safe and see you all soon.

S x

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