What social media do you use?

What social media platforms do you use?

Ok so I admit I am being a bit nosy here but I love to connect with people.

I have many social media accounts and I would love it if we could connect on all of them! I am on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr to name a few!

I have highlighted below a few platforms that are often overlooked but in my opinion they are brilliant!


One that I have been using a lot more of recently is LinkedIn. I have had the account for many years but hardly used it. One day whilst perusing the internet I found a course that showed me how to use LI correctly. Since following this course I have increased my connections on this platform and it continues to grow day by day.

Why not give it a go. Here is a link that will take you to LinkedIn so you can test it for yourself.


This is again a fairly new platform for me. But now I am on it I love it. Obviously Cash Mum is still relatively new so the followers are fairly low. If you are on Pinterest then why not follow me. I am over at

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As I said I would love to connect with you on all of my social platforms. Also why not sign up to the newsletter. I promise not to spam you! x

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