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    Welcome to Cash Mum

    Welcome to Cash Mum. Hello and welcome to my new blog. The aim of this blog is many fold. The first aim is to help you save and make money. In this day and age when everything seems to cost so much I am sure you will agree this is a great first aim! I also aim to bring you discounts and bargains that I find. Being a family of 4 I know how important it is to make savings whenever possible so keep an eye out for them. Many of you may well have pets and as a fur mummy to many I know just how costly they can…

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    Oops I did it again (did you sing that?)

    Oops I did it again… Oops I did it again! I said on my last post (https://cashmum.co.uk/?s=plan) that I had a plan – which I did – but then life seemed to get a bit busy. However it is now the summer holidays and I am going to stick to my plan and make sure that I post a lot more over the summer. So I hope you enjoy reading the posts and more importantly get value from them. Remember to leave a comment. I read every one. What I am not Sorry to bring this to the post but I have received a lot of emails asking about taking…

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    Everyday is a puppy day isn’t it?

    Today I am bringing you a blog post from Perfect Pets. It was originally posted to celebrate National Puppy Day (isn’t everyday a puppy day?) however the code is still applicable today. Why not have a read and then take advantage of the fabulous discount being offered. Let’s face it puppies are cute and cuddly, and every dog lover will tell you about that first moment when their eyes locked in on their new bundle of joy. However, for some owners the cuteness soon fades and what is left is the reality of taking care of a new life which can be daunting. That’s why it’s important for any new…

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    I’m back – with a plan

    I’m back I’m back! How are you all? It’s been a while hasn’t it! My apologies for being away for so long but life has got a bit busy lately. Crazy that we are in April already. I hope that your year so far has been good. However, I am back now and I have a plan in place to make sure this blog is updated regularly. But I need your help to keep this going. So my question to you all is… What would you like to see on this blog? This is your chance to help me make this your favourite place to visit. Would you like more…

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    I’m back – how are you all?

    I’m back! January was spent in a Covid haze. What a horrible virus it is. I had to go into hospital for a few days but luckily only needed oxygen for a few days. However they don’t tell you about the after effects. I still have fatigue and brain fog! Some would say I always have brain fog but this is something else. I have literally no recollection of a couple of weeks. However it’s onwards and upwards now. Today I went for a walk around the fields with the dogs. Something that a week or so ago I would have found impossible. Anyway I just thought I would check…

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    Gifts for All

    Gift Guide Final One

    Gift guide This is the last gift guide I will be creating in 2020. What a crazy year it has been! I hope that you are keeping safe and well. Enjoy the gift guide. Sparkling Gifts Well I had to start with this one didn’t I! There is a large selection of gifts available on the facebook page. I have been focussing a lot on the crystals lately and they seem to be really popular. If there is anything on the page you would like more information on then please do pop me a message and I will help you. You can visit the page here http://www.facebook.com/sparklinggifts2 Or to see…

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    Gift guide part one

    Gift Guide – 5 great deals for you today. Gift Guide part one. I am starting off with 5 different companies today. I will be adding some more soon so keep an eye open for future posts. If you like this gift guide please share it with your friends and family. And don’t forget to like and share my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cashmum1 and stay up to date on the latest deals, plus get exclusive discounts. Perfect Pets Do you have pet owners on your Christmas list? If so check out the fab range of books available over at Perfect Pets. Use the code and you’ll get 20% off as well.…

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    Gift Guide in the making

    Gift guide anyone? In this present lockdown I am hoping to help you by finding some of the best gifts available online. I am in the process of compiling a gift guide. My aim is to have it finished by early next week. If you are a business owner and would like to be involved in the guide please send an email to sarah@cashmum.co.uk. I would like a large selection of products from as many of you as possible. So whether your company is large or small do get in contact and we can discuss this. Lets get you started. As many of you already know the charity that I…

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    Got that festive feeling yet?

    Got that festive feeling? Are you feeling festive yet? This year has been so difficult hasn’t it. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. In our household we are on the Christmas adverts lookout. It’s a fun thing to do and as soon as we see it we all start to feel the excitement that Christmas brings. I thought I would do a quick post to give you some ideas to help you with your shopping this year. So with out further ado let’s start with the cards. As you know I am supporting Cancer Research this year and they have a fab collection of card available from…

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    Write to Santa – now is the time to act!

    Santa are you there? Waiting to Santa has never been easier. He is getting very busy at this time of year. So now is the time to act if you would like a reply. He lives, as we all know, at the north pole and post can sometimes get held up. Here is a way for all of you to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Imagine your child/children’s faces when they receive a letter from the man himself. Santa Calling Now how about this for a change then. You can receive a call from Santa. Imagine that! Your child would have the ultimate bragging rights at nursery/school. The…

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    Christmas shopping ideas for all.

    Christmas shopping It’s nearly the end of September. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not I will be posting a few ideas for you over the next few months along with some money saving ideas to have the best Christmas possible, despite the current global pandemic. Starting with shopping and supporting a charity. Cancer Research UK have a great selection of gift ideas and cards available. I personally support this charity and have done for a while. I can highly recommend a visit to the online shop. Link is below to take you straight there. You can’t beat socks! Ok so it’s a cliche that most men receive…

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